Best krill oil reviews

In our quest for finding supplements that give us nutrients that we don't find in our usual diets, we've been exploring avenues that would have been unthinkable even a few years back. Algae has been used for centuries in certain cultures, but now it is being used globally.

Krill oil supplements
Fish oil has been known for generations, and there will be almost no one who has not had cod liver oil when we were small. This is because not all of us can have fish as part of our diets, and cod liver oil was the only supplement that could ensure that we did not fall deficient.

Krill oil supplements
Now, we've progressed so that we are trying to find if there is something that is even better than fish oil. And for a few generations now, there's been something called krill oil in the market that is supposed to be even better than fish oil.

Krill are the small crustations that are the bottom of the food chain for the entire ocean. It's been calculated that pound for pound, the amount of krill in the ocean is twice that of humans on the planet. And the wondrous thing about them is that they are so nutritious that they form the direct food for sea creatures that are little more than their size to giant whales that eat nothing else.

And no it's been found that krill oil is 4 times more effective than fish oil. The reason for this is simple. Both krill and fish oil have essential amino acids, but in krill, the amino acids are of a type that is the same as that found in humans. This means that it is not only absorbed faster, much more is also absorbed.

And no more fish taste when you burp.

The only problem is that they are more expensive than fish oil. This is because the harvesting of krill is very rigorously monitored because of its importance to the oceans food chain. The supply is therefore pretty much constant, while the demand has been growing over the years. Consequently an increase in the price.

Finding a good brand is very important because a number of companies actually mix fish oil with the krill to increase the volume and make more profits. One of the few brands that actually sell you pure krill oil is Schiff. Their Mega Red Krill oil brand is one of the most expensive in the market, but it is also the purest form of krill oil that you can get anywhere in the market.

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